5 Questions Doctors Need To Ask Their Marketing Agency

Randi Kaplan May 4, 2021

I was recently reading an article about what questions you should ask your doctor and it hit me: these are the same questions a doctor should ask their marketing agency!

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February 3, 2012

How Would $100 Billion change Your Mission?

The Facebook IPO is expected to generate $5 to $10 billion, and that the company’s value will perhaps rise to as much as $100 billion. In fact, the IPO is expected to be one of the largest in U.S. history.

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January 23, 2012

The Power of Perspective in Video

But this experience of “shining a light” through the use of video proved to me how powerful this form of communication is, from both a personal and professional point of view.

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January 11, 2012

Why Should You Go Mobile?

It is anticipated that by 2014, mobile internet will take over desktop internet usage. With Smartphones and Tablets outselling personal computers in 2011 alone, it looks like this projection will indeed ring…

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