Meet your patients where they already are. At Points Group, we can help your healthcare company develop each social media platform to open up a direct line of communication with current and potential patients. A robust social media practice
humanizes you to your patients and allows them to get to know you before setting foot in your waiting room.

Social Media Content Development

Whether you’re a new practice looking to break into the market, or an established business looking to expand your territory or offer a new product or service, we can help you create market-entry strategies that produce quick results.

Community Management

Social media is important, but it takes time to produce great content and build a following, and you have a practice to run. Let Points Group handle your social media management and get back critical hours from your day. We’ll be your voice on social media, helping you respond to comments, answering questions and advocating for your healthcare brand across all the most popular social media platforms.


Points Group can help you find the right partner–someone with enough reach and credibility in healthcare, who is also passionate about and believes in your practice.

Social Media

Points Group promises to deliver eye-catching, scroll-stopping ads. We have the tools and the knowledge of the healthcare industry that you need to develop your practice a large following of engaged patients..

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